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Ambassade du Japon

Ambassade du Japon
Daikanyama Hill Side Terrace B-1 29-18 SARUGAKU-CHO SHIBUYA-KU
15000 TOKYO

Tél : 03 -3 47 6- 50 25
Fax : 03 -3 47 6- 50 75

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In my life, Japan has provided me with two love stories. I first came here in 1970 for the Osaka World Exposition and stayed ever since because here, I met a girl who later became my wife.

It was also here that I received an opportunity to practice my profession in a way I always dreamed of doing ; making high quality meals for men and women who recognize real taste.
During the past two decades, I have witnessed suprising evolutions in this country : namely, technical advances and changes in people’s life style. When someone asks me what caused Japan to be so successful, I always answer, when people have such strong sense of unity and are determinded to make quality goods, it is hard to fail.

The fact that Japan is becoming more and more international involves changes in its people’s diet. Therfore, we, the restaurateurs, must constantly adapt ourselves to the needs of the customers ; especially in a country where the competition is so keen. For this reason, I expanded my services by adding new dishes to the menu and offering my customers catering services.
In the course of making these additions, I owe much to my Japanese friends, Mr. Yukio Fujii and Mr. Tokudo Asakura in particular. They herped me make some important steps in my life.
However, although thieir assistance were indispensable, I wouldnot amount to much if I did not have the unconditional and loyal support of my customers. French, Japanese, American or whatever their nationalities may be, their presence and compliments were my strongest encouragements.

As for my next step, I have plans to install an institution in Languedo, a province in south-western France, where Japanese cooks are trained t become specialists of Grande Cuisine Francaise. At the same time, I am planning to organize tours of Languedoc that would offer its participants gastronomic experience in such above mentioned institution.

In making these plans, I considered my mission as a Maitre de Grande Cuisine de France as well as the culinary art of my home province, which I do not hesitate to boast.

It seems essential for me to express these words of gratitude as a preamble to the presentation of my organization.

Président : André PACHON : Grand Echevin international